Life style


ImageThink of life style we get food,clothes,house arrangement,going out,overall maintaing our social life.The sense behind calling it as life style is means to create an environment in which a person can live comfortably.Let us take for an example we have a pet at home she is popo a female dog.She eats whatever we feed specially my son feeds her.But the day she gets the feeling she has eaten too much she goes out bites some grass and throws up all.


As we all know our body has its own way to warn us as where we are going.Are we in safe or unsafe zone.!!!we do not take that warning as it is we ignore it.

This is where we need to think why are we doing this??how to maintain a life without warning.

This is where we should head for alternative therapies as yoga.

Yoga is not meant for only physical level.certain extent it does works but it is a subtle inner conscious.

The body adapts what we do to it upto a certain level…why don’t we make a good adoptation so that the body and the mind is healthy=the result healthy mind with a healthy body works towards a healthy life….

which is where i come back a healthy life gives us lot, a good socio economic stand,good family relationship..great and sharp intellect to think and perform better.

Performing better????as what!!!



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