Healthy living



Sometime I feel I am doing a bit overboard for the prelude of what I want to convey. But believe me it is essential. I do not want to give instructions for raising hands, or breathing techniques only.

As it won’t help in any sense for what I want people to understand as what yoga is!!

As the word meaning (I am sorry to go back. You will find me going back again and again it’s just a quick recall of what we talk here…) Yoga is yuj  to join….

We have so many things connected in our body internally to function, as a body. Similarly yoga is to connect with mind and body which as a result gives us bliss.


Bliss is state of mind and can be achieved only if we are ready to see things as it is.Do not wish to change, Do not interfere. And so on.

Being a witness…

No I am not preaching…

So, when we connect with yoga for a lifestyle then it has to deliver its strength.

It does not teach you only to do some postures, breathing, and get great shape…

Infact it does more on your thoughts, talks and also your behaviour on how you behave with your own self. Then, only you can behave in a good manner with others.

My next blog topic will be,Performance with balance…yoga for a stress free daily life!!


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